Three Things Thursday: Friday Edition!

I couldn’t focus enough last night to sit down and post, so here is the extra special, Friday morning edition of Three Things Thursday (all three things are from Thursday–using today would be cheating), followed by some other stuff:

1. I talked to my sister, who sounds wonderful and happy. So as not to compromise her privacy too much, I’ll just say this: We had some concerns about her health, they were dispelled this week and she is doing great!

2. I saw my husband’s face for the first time in a couple days, and we got to catch up and make dinner together (followed by scarfing it down before he had to leave again).

3. Work was super busy (this is not a new thing), but I felt like I made a lot of progress in several areas, and now I get to take a break! Even when you love your job, sometimes you just need to step away and enjoy the fruits of your labor for a little while.

Now I’m sitting in my bed, sun shining through the window, drinking my coffee, thinking about the fact that my day is completely clear and I can do anything I want, or nothing at all. I’ve been working a lot over the last couple years on not stressing about the things I should be doing, and instead trying to plan them during times that won’t cause me stress. Then if I don’t get them done on schedule I say “that’s ok, I can try again tomorrow,” and I move on.

It seems so simple, but for most of my life when I didn’t do what I thought I should do, I would get mad at myself for not doing it. And then the next time I didn’t do it, I would get even more mad at myself for not being able to just do the thing I was supposed to do. This would go on, over and over, until finally I was just paralyzed with my thoughts of how I was so terrible at doing the things I was supposed to do that I was a bad person. Short version: somehow not doing chores meant I was bad.

Seeing that written out seems silly, but I know I’m not the only person who judges themselves for not meeting the expectation (our own expectation, even!) of what they should be doing. But you know what? Life is too short to worry about whether or not the laundry is caught up before you go see your friends. It’s too short to not spend a sunny holiday morning writing and drinking coffee when the dishwasher needs reloading.

Right now I could be cleaning my house, but I’m right where I should be, making my life richer, and not punishing myself.

I’m not the biggest fan of fireworks (ok, I might actually hate them), so I’ll most likely be at home hiding in my bedroom with my cat tonight, but I do love what Independence Day stands for, so however you choose to celebrate, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday!


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Friday Edition!

  1. I do the same thing about “punishing” myself for not doing things, especially household chores. I try to set time limits for activities I enjoy (blogging and reading are good examples) but sometimes I still don’t get things done. I’m trying to learn that its okay sometimes to have a messy house 😉

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