Three Things Thursday!

I’ll be honest with you: I was grumpy today. My anxiety was high, my fuse was short, and I’ve had inexplicably bad sleep all week. Inexplicable except for the day the crows were going nuts, that is. But, I pulled it together for Three Things Thursday, so here we go!

1. My motivation to play music is coming back.

I’ve been struggling with it for quite awhile now–not enjoying my voice lessons as much and feeling like the music just wasn’t inside me anymore. After I pushed through the discomfort of performing two solo songs at my voice recital last weekend, I started to remember why I love singing, and this week I have been finding myself singing more often. Thursday is my usual voice lesson, and today I went in with a renewed enthusiasm for training my voice and for learning the piano.

2. It’s cherry season!

Not only is it cherry season, but they are exceptionally good this year AND I can eat them again. Last fall, after I got sick, I had to limit my intake of fruits and vegetables, and the ones I could eat had to be cooked very, very well. (I know it sounds fake, but trust me, it’s a thing). Only recently have I been able to eat fruit again, and I am super happy that it’s happened in time for cherries.

3. Random animal sightings.

Seeing animals in odd places, or at times when I don’t expect to is one of my very favorite things, and it’s a fairly recent quirk I have acquired. Today I had two of those sightings, so it seems like a bonus day! First, I had to stop on my way home from my voice lesson so that a peacock could cross the road. A peacock! A real live peacock, crossing a busy road, in traffic.

Then, in my neighborhood, I got to see The Dog, too.

The Dog is a dog who hangs out on what must be some kind of table, in the window of his house, which is set back a bit from the street. I’m not sure why it makes me so happy to see The Dog, but it always does. Sometimes I won’t see him for days, and then I’ll see him twice in one day, which makes me even happier. “Honey!” I’ll say to my husband. “I saw The Dog today! TWICE!” You would think the novelty would wear off, but it just doesn’t. I love seeing The Dog.

Does anyone else share my love of animal sightings? What are your three things today?


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