Three Things Thursday

Tonight while I was in the shower I found myself surprised to be thinking about the highlights of my day. I’ve been really tired this week (anyone else having bad dreams?) and feeling like I’m fighting two different kinds of flares at the same time, but there were some really great things about today, too.

So today I’m introducing my very first theme post that I hope to make a regular addition to My Twisty Tale: Three Things Thursday! A quick google search tells me that I’m not the only one who enjoys the alliterative Thursday theme, but I’m certainly hoping to make my own mark on it. I know that a blog with an underlying theme of chronic illness can get a little heavy, so every Thursday I’ll tell you three things that were positive about my day even if it was the worst day ever (cue Tina Fey eyeroll).

So here we go:

1. This beauty, given to me by a coworker. It was so unexpected–it really was a very pleasant and thoughtful surprise!


2. This guy, who–despite the insistence of pretty much every cat expert out there that it can’t be true–truly loves belly rubs.


3. I came home to a clean kitchen and bathroom courtesy of THE BEST HUSBAND EVER. (But don’t tell him I told you!)

Bonus thing: today is my Grandma’s birthday. She may be older today, but she never ages a bit– that lady has more energy than I do most days! I don’t get to see her very often, but she is never far from my thoughts and I love her to pieces. I doubt she will read this, but just in case: Happy Birthday, Granny!

What are your three things today?


5 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. stppngstones says:

    What a great idea for a theme! Today’s three things (even though it’s Friday):
    1. Fort Friday
    2. Making crowns with the kids
    3. Hearing the cat purr

  2. Velvet says:

    Sis, I want you to know that I’ve been lurking your blog.
    I read each post this morning and I sat quietly for a long time.
    I think that what you’re doing is incredibly brave.
    After all of this time, reading just these three posts has helped me understand so much more thoroughly the distance that you have kept from others for so long.
    I finally understand because you chose to end the silence of your suffering, something that I still am not brave enough to do. Hearing your thoughts helps to normalize illness and remove stigma.
    I have spent many years with the voices of those who do not deal with illness trying to tell me what I experience and adding to my fear of seeking help.
    Thank you for your bravery, your voice and your contribution to the wellness of yourself and others.
    I love you.

    I’m late, but here are my 3 things for today:
    1. I woke up and actually felt like I had the energy and determination to get out of bed.
    2. I made breakfast for myself and my partner.
    3. I found the courage to reach out and write this.

    • Kristan says:

      Thank you. Thank you for reading, for understanding, for participating, and for loving. I love you, too, and I’m glad you’re here.

  3. Sandra Bee says:

    Ha – today is Thursday!

    1. I found your blogg
    2. I found your Facebook post about Humira – I so hope it will work for you
    3. After reading all this, I feel brutally selfish but I’m so glad that all three of us Beermanns are healthy.

    Hopefully you can feel the “mental cuddle” I want to give you. Andreas and I just last week talked about our trip together to the Black Forrest 🙂 Love you!

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